About Us.

about wireless Solutions, the connectivity experts.

Where it began.

Wireless Solutions is 10 years in the making. It all began with a simple need to connect an mobile coffee business to take payments at events (where we were typically situated in the middle of a field somewhere with poor 4G).

So an industry first was created. An event WiFi solution that could be used anywhere. It quickly took off, growing in demand as the need for internet on greenfield sites became an essential part of event life, and I haven’t looked back since.

Wireless Solutions now provides connectivity for some of the largest and most complex outdoor events, construction sites, businesses and estates in the UK. And some of the best brands in business. We’re proud of how far we’ve come.


How we're improving connectivity.

We’re all about bringing a better standard of connectivity. How to we do this? It’s in our technology, our quality standards, and our people.  

From a technology perspective, it’s enterprise-grade. This means we build high availability network cores, giving you instant failover should a piece of hardware, or internet connection go down. It’s pre-authenticating your devices on your network to give the highest level of control and security. And a lot more, I think you get the idea.

From a quality standards persepctive it’s cabling that’s checked for every event and terminated with high-quality connectors, ones that won’t break. It’s thorough testing prior to go-live, and advanced monitoring systems.

From a people perspective we’ve got the best in the industry. Our experts have worked on large scale events ranging from COP to Badminton Horse Trials, on large construction sites like Oxford University and with huge brands like Google.  We know how to deliver.

Why not get in touch for a chat? We’d be happy to give you some friendly advice and chat through your requirements.

About wireless solutions

Our Values.


We're built on a foundation with quality at its heart. We continue to invest in quality kit and quality people. And we're delivering only the highest quality service. Ask our customers, who would be happy to back us every time.


We thrive on teamwork. We work closely with our clients and get involved in their challenges. It's about communication and trust between us, we can't do it alone.


We want to do things better. Be smarter. Introduce new ways of looking at connectivity. We love to innovate and come up with ideas and ways to make bigger and better things happen.