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Capture data intelligence through captive portals.

IT’s a Perfect addition to WiFi.

Captive Portal Technology.

If you’re providing a WiFi network network, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to capture data and build valuable intelligence. A captive portal allows you to ask users to fill in information in order to gain access to the WiFi. Gather email addresses, social media handles, demographical details and buyer signals. 


Sponsors can advertise on  your captive portal and buy the rights to the data. It’s a revenue earning opportunity.


Gather market intelligence from your users, identify market needs and trends,  improving your offering and growing your business.


Communicate with your audience over your WiFi access page. From health and safety to company announcements.


Reach your audience with marketing promotions and offers. It’s a great way to attract leads and gather sales data.

Your captive portal partner.

We’re building captive portals that cover an exciting  range of business purposes. Whether it’s confirming site visitor details for WiFi access,  or implementing health and safety procedures,  marketing special offers for sponsors, or gathering a marketing database, our captive portals can be tailored to your needs. 

From businesses to events, conferences or public surveys, we can talk you through the possibilities of data capture, and discuss the regulatory implications.

We get about

Events & Festivals

Data capture is the current trend at festivals and events, providing event organisers with the opportunity to grow revenue. An excellent sponsorship space, opportunity to build a marketing database, or communicate event information with guests, they offer big potential.

Construction Sites

Working alongside our construction WiFi solution, allow guests to log pre-authenticated devices onto your network, providing them with health and safety information and logging their details for your records


Promotional events, product launches, office spaces. The power of data capture is endless. Anywhere your audience wants to engage with your business, provide a captive portal can make the data gathering exercise seamless.

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