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Construction WiFi.

Because every single worker on every construction site deserves ultra-reliable connectivity.

Why should you settle for anything less?

Modern construction site WiFi.

For connectivity across your entire construction site, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve launched a brand-new WiFi solution for the construction market for 2023 that uses improved technology to get ultra-reliable WiFi into the places you need it.

Send and print large format documents, hold online meetings and communicate instantly. Your connectivity won’t be dropping out any more!

High tech

Our WiFi technology is enterprise level, meaning we have exacting control over what access you want to prioritise on site. Whether this is work, play or both.


We’re agile enough to cater for individual site requirements. There’s no ‘norm’ or ‘standard’ WiFi installation here, and we can move as fast as you.

Great value

We’re honestly priced, not over-priced. It’s why we’re growing fast. Why not see how we compare on price? We’re hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Why we're different.

We’ve connected hundreds of construction sites. From infrastructure and rail projects, to residential and commercial builds, our construction internet and WiFi services are helping teams to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

Technology is moving fast, which is why we’re continually innovating to stay ahead of the curve. We’ve developed a new connectivity solution for the construction industry which guarantees to deliver a better level of service.

If you’re using 4G/5G and your connectivity is dropping out, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s connect, and we can tell you more.

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Engineering Projects

Schools, hospitals, and large scale infrastructure projects. Our construction WiFi services provide mission critical support those that need it the most.

Construction Sites

Find us on construction sites, driving workforce productivity and connecting site offices. We live and breath construction so no job's too big (or small).

Modern Methods of Construction

We're going greener with our WiFi, and love to get involved in renewable, reusable and modern methods of construction.

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