UK WiFi Providers – your comprehensive list

Business WiFi, Temporary & Mobile business WiFi and consumer WiFi providers in the UK. We cover them all here for a single, easy resource when looking for a WiFi provider.

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If you’re looking for a UK based WiFi provider, there are a multitude to choose from. 

It can be rather mind-boggling. But don’t despair, there are some simple ways that you can start to whittle down the market place. 

Perhaps the easiest is to start by segmenting them into business, consumer and temporary providers. 

Here we have done the hard work for you so you can contact suppliers to discuss a quote.

Business WiFi providers

Business Wifi is typically associated with permanent installations, that you may pay an initial installation charge for, plus a monthly ongoing fee. 

Some of the larger providers of business WiFi in the UK are:

  1. BT Business – BT offers a range of business broadband and WiFi solutions tailored to different business sizes and requirements.

  2. Virgin Media Business – Virgin Media Business provides business-grade internet and WiFi services, including dedicated leased lines.

  3. TalkTalk Business – TalkTalk Business offers business broadband and networking solutions, including WiFi and Ethernet services.

  4. Vodafone Business – Vodafone provides business internet and networking solutions, including WiFi, to meet the needs of small to large enterprises.

  5. Plusnet Business – Plusnet offers business broadband and phone services, including WiFi, with various packages for businesses.

  6. Zen Internet – Zen Internet provides business broadband and connectivity services, including business-grade WiFi solutions.

  7. XLN– XLN offers business broadband and phone services, including WiFi, primarily catering to small and medium-sized businesses.

  8. Daisy Communications – Daisy provides a wide range of business communication and connectivity solutions, including WiFi services.

  9. Neos Networks  Formerly SSE Enterprise Telecomms, Neos Networks offers business network and connectivity solutions, including Ethernet and managed WiFi services.

  10. Glide Business – Glide specializes in providing connectivity solutions to businesses, including WiFi for student accommodation and multi-tenant buildings.

  11. FluidOne – FluidOne offers business connectivity solutions, including Ethernet and WiFi, with a focus on tailored services.

  12. Gigaclear Business – Gigaclear provides business broadband and networking services, including high-speed WiFi solutions.

  13. Exa Networks – Exa Networks offers a range of connectivity services, including WiFi solutions for businesses, schools, and public sector organizations.

  14. Wavenet – Wavenet specializes in business communication and connectivity solutions, including managed WiFi services.

Then you have smaller Business WiFi providers that offer a more personal service. The benefit of a smaller business WiFi provider is that you’ll deal with the same team that install and support your service, and you won’t enter an endless look when you’re trying to contact them. 

Temporary & mobile business WiFi providers

Often the challenge with the larger business WiFi providers is that they take up to 90 days to provide you with a WiFi service. They also tend to provide a long-term fixed service that ties you into a contract of up to 5 years.

Businesses often require a temporary WiFi service that offers agility without contracts. Whether this is for construction site WiFi, TV/ film productions, events, product launches or fashion shows, the above business wifi providers won’t always be suitable.

In this situation, there are some more agile and flexible business WiFi providers:

  1. Wireless Solutions
  2. Pylon One
  3. Bytes Digital
  4. Noba
  5. Simpli-fi

Consumer WiFi providers

If you’re looking for WiFi for the home then there are many National UK providers as well as some local companies. 

When looking for local providers in your area, we recommend join Facebook Groups or Nextdoor and ask the people around you which suppliers they are using and what the the quality of service is like before committing.

Here’s a list of Consumer WiFi companies to explore:

  1. BT (British Telecom)
  2. Virgin Media
  3. Sky Broadband
  4. TalkTalk
  5. EE (part of BT Group)
  6. Plusnet (owned by BT)
  7. Vodafone
  8. Three Broadband
  9. Hyperoptic
  10. Zen Internet
  11. SSE Broadband
  12. John Lewis Broadband
  13. Post Office Broadband
  14. Shell Energy Broadband
  15. Onestream

These are some of the well-known ISPs in the UK.

Keep in mind that new providers are always entering the market, and existing updating their services and offerings. It’s advisable to research the options available in your specific area to find the best internet service provider for your needs.


There are many UK WiFi providers on the market, but they can have different areas of specialism. 

Explore the work they have done to understand their expertise and don’t forget to dive into the contractual terms to understand commitments and timescales when selecting your WiFi partner.

If you’d like some advice on the topic, contact us on and we’d be happy to help.


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