Badminton Horse Trials

One of the largest eventing competitions in the calendar, Badminton Horse Trials is known across the world for its high calibre of competitors, venue and event standards. And for 2023 they needed a WiFi solution that was up to the same calibre. They needed high availability connectivity across four core areas: Production and Media, Scoring, Traders, Live streaming of Badminton TV Live.

Case Study

Badminton Horse Trials

High availability WiFi for highly respected horse trials competition.

Badminton Horse Trials approached Wireless Solutions after their previous provider failed to deliver to expectations.

One of the largest eventing competitions in the calendar, BHT is known across the world for its high calibre of competitors, venue and event standards.  For 2023 they needed a WiFi solution that was up to the same calibre. 

They needed high availability connectivity across four core areas:

  1. Production
  2. Scoring
  3. Traders
  4. Live streaming of their Badminton TV Live Stream.


Each area had varying technical requirements, and different levels of acceptable downtime, down to zero for the Badminton TV Live stream.   The WiFi network needed to be planned in accordance and HAD to deliver. With no second chances, it was important to explore every potential risk.


Months of preparation go into preparing for Badminton Horse Trials each year, and with only a few days of live eventing, the connectivity is mission critical. BHT needed someone they could trust to deliver the goods, supporting over 6000 devices connecting at the same time, taking payments and also live streaming the event to paid TV viewers across the world.

A new approach to WiFi

100% Uptime
Come rain or shine

Following a challenging 2022 for connectivity, Badminton Horse Trials wanted to discuss whether we could bring new ideas and better WiFi to the table for 2023.

Badminton Horse Trials is a high profile event with elite riders competing in the magnificent 52,000 acre grounds of Badminton Estate across 6 days.

This vast event site is host to the grandstand, eventing arenas, a cross country course, along with hospitality tents, shopping villages, VIP areas, media tent, scoring and judging stations, royal boxes and also the operations centre for the production team and contractor staff, working behind the scenes to make it all run smoothly.

It’s a truly massive operation.

And the size of the site wasn’t the only challenge. With 20,000 people attending each day, the volume of payments going through the site is vast. 600+ trader devices are connected to the network at any one time, and all  are looking to process payments at speed to maximise revenue from the event. 

Badminton TV is an extra revenue generator, and relies on live streaming of the event to its members. With over 100,000 live viewers on event race days, it means that loss of connectivity really isn’t an option.

How did it go?

Despite torrential rain in the lead up to the event making the installation significantly harder (and the grounds a huge challenge during the live event) the WiFi solution won out.

We were delighted that the months of planning and commitment of the team paid off. We won the confidence of the production team, other contractors and trader, and most importantly we were pleased to report:

  • 100% uptime from our network. The simply WiFi didn’t drop off at any point during the 6 days. This was thanks to the enterprise grade high availability network design, work that was carried out in the months leading up to the event to ensure it was fit for purpose.
  • Uninterrupted Live Streaming of Badminton TV
  • A Media Centre that could confidently live steam event news and updates across the globe and to colleagues 
  • Happy traders, happy production staff and a happy Wireless Solutions team.

The icing on the cake

We’ve been invited back to work with the Badminton Horse Trial team and look forwards to being a part of the event for years to come. With new ideas and service offerings, we’re already exploring new ways of harnessing the power of event WiFi.

Comment of the week:

“Last year the WiFi was our biggest challenge, this year it was the weather.”

What Wireless Solutions Can Offer You

We’re committed to bringing better event WiFi to the UK market.

Here’s why we’re different. 


Experienced Network design

We produce site designs to show you exactly where you'll get connectivity. By agreeing this up front, we know your requirement and make sure we deliver.


Cost management

We'll make sure your costs are managed at every stage thanks to our thorough design process. This means no nasty surprises.


Excellent track record

With 100% uptime in 2023, as to speak to one of our clients to hear it from the horse's mouth.


Professional team

Our team of experienced engineers will give you exceptional service, and be a pleasure to work with. We see ourselves as part of your team.


New ideas

We have ideas that go beyond just connectivity. Our experience of working with large events means that we can bring fresh ideas to your table.


Delivery that goes to plan

We have a track record of delivering to the expectations set when we agree the contract. We're always on time, on budget.

Client Comment

Andrew Tucker

“In the years that we’ve been running Badminton Horse Trials, we had yet to find a company that could deliver connectivity that met our complex requirements. The size and layout of Badminton Estate, coupled with the demand for live streaming  and hundreds of traders all needing to take payments, makes this one of the most challenging WiFi gigs on the events market .

Wireless Solutions came in and took the time to understand our requirements, plan a solution that would guarantee 100% uptime, and explore all of the requirements that we had not even thought about.

They have far outshone our previous suppliers and given us the greatest gift of being able to focus on the event with one less challenge to contend with.”