Morgan Sindall WiFi

Morgan Sindall needed a better WiFi solution for their site offices at an Oxford Brookes University construction site. A secondary phase WiFi network covering six floors of the new building under construction helped to improve the quality assurance process.

Case Study

Improving reliability and performance for contruction site WiFi

Morgan Sindall was becoming frustrated by their connectivity regularly dropping out on their construction sites. The impact on business productivity, which put project deadlines at risk and increasing project costs was a challenge they simply had to overcome.

Taking the opportunity to improve business efficiency, they asked Wireless Solutions to work with their their Oxford Brookes University site and come up with a solution to their problems.

The initial requirement was to provide WiFi for their construction site offices, where the day to day administrative operations takes place. The Morgan Sindall team needed business grade connectivity to access emails, online SaaS tools and internal business systems.

Their second requirement was to provide WiFi throughout the site buildings themselves, across every floor to allow the QA team to perform daily checks and log these online instantaneously. This process would reduce admin time, and ensure accuracy of information.

Progressive Construction WiFi

Device pre-authentication delivers improved performance and security.

Wireless Solutions identified that a more technically advanced WiFi solution would overcome the issues with connectivity that Morgan Sindall experienced at their site office. 

Whereas traditional construction WiFi solutions use an internet connection, a router and access points in the cabins, this doesn’t address contention, interference and consistency of service. 

Wireless Solutions’ enterprise grade construction WiFi solution allows a greater flow of data, eliminating the issues of interference and contention.  It means that data doesn’t get bottlenecked and can flow freely, ensuring that end users don’t experience ‘interruption’. Configuring the network to pre-authenticate devices gives Morgan Sindall tighter security controls, and ensures that connectivity quality remains high for the users that need it.

Phase 2 Building wiFi for QA checks

A second requirement was to install WiFi across the University building during the construction phase. As part of Morgan Sindall’s innovative approach to improving the quality of construction, they have a unique QA process. Each day the team carry out a full building quality assessment, and want to record this straight into their online system so that no information is missed or entered in error. This QA audit trail is a critical part of the project.

Wireless Solutions designed and installed a WiFi network across 6 floors of the building, implemented at short notice, and designed to be removed on completion of the project.

The installation was completed over a couple of days, which included quality testing and assurance of the network. The team can now be online when walking around their building, with consistent connectivity whilst roaming the site.

The solution includes MAC authentication, with every device being pre-registered onto the WiFi network to assist with security and network quality. No password are required for these devices to join the network, assisting with easy of connectivity for the team. It means that contractors can’t access the network without the security team agreeing it.

The Results

We installed the WiFi network in June 2024, and have not seen a single connectivity issue (something we can monitor and report on remotely) or had a single support call from site since. Morgan Sindall has reported a huge improvement in service levels, and an increase in productivity for their workforce.

Comment of the project:

“You’re known as the magicians of construction site WiFi.”

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Client Comment

Joe Goldby

“Wireless Solutions is highly skilled in providing business connectivity solutions that truly work. They have proven that they can achieve what larger companies have failed to deliver. They are dedicated to providing their clients with unparalleled service and support from the initial consultation through to implementation and beyond, and have proven to be flexible and highly responsive to our needs. Plus, they pride themselves on staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, ensuring that their clients always benefit from the most cutting-edge solutions available. Overall, I highly recommend Wireless Solutions to anyone looking for a trustworthy, professional, and experienced connectivity provider.”