How modern WiFi solutions are driving event success

Modern WiFi solutions offer huge potential to gather data. It's the future of event success, but how can data be used to drive event success? We reveal the techniques being used today.

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In today’s interconnected world, data has become the lifeblood of businesses. On a recent trip to Dubrovnik, I noticed that there was free WiFi inside the old town walls. Some may think of this as an act of kindness, or excellent hospitality towards tourists (Dubrovnik old town is mostly a tourist destination only nowadays). But it’s only when you log on the free WiFi network that you discover the real value proposition. 

In return for free WiFi , they’re gathering your data. 

A family member recently made a thought-provoking statement, “You pay for what you get in this world. No product is free – and if is is then you are the product.”

With the example of Dubrovnik, you are indeed the product. They admit to gathering  “information that can use used to identify user presence, time spent, repeat visits within range of WiFi access points and the content that a user visits online.”

This is the type of data that fuels decision-making, innovation, and the abilty to drive growth, making it one of the most valuable assets in the digital age. That’s about it. Dubrovnik can plan the success of their own town and increase the revenue driven from it based on user behaviour. All measured through the WiFi antenna.

The opportunities are HUGE. 

Modern WiFi solutions have emerged as perhaps our most powerful data tool, offering unique advantages that have revolutionised our ability to collect, analyse, and utilise data.

But how can we apply these strategies to the events world and use event WiFi solutions to drive future growth and success? 


Introducing data intelligence to events

Since entering the events industry in 2011, I’ve noticed that the more successful events are those that have someone at the help with real creativity, innovation and ingenuity. Success stems from very talented event producers that have an eye for quality, and who understand that we are all just looking for escapism from real life.

These are the types of people that go to no ends of effort to deliver experiences that immerse, shock or wow us. I’ve worked with enough of them to notice a trend. They have the power to make us feel emotions that we don’t feel in our every day controlled lives.

However in the past couple of years I’ve started to see a new dimension evolve from event producers. It’s no longer just about ideas, creativity and gut feel. The bright ones are starting to rely on data to inform their event decisions, and decide which ideas to carry forwards and develop further, and which ideas to drop.

This is because data offers the only genuine evidence that enables event producers to determine the success of our creativity and innovation.

Whether you’re looking to maximise revenue at events by measuring the density of visitors in event zones, determine the most popular performers at a festival, or judge whether a brand activation is more popular in certain cities than others, data provides us with invaluable intelligence to make future decisions around our events. And this is where modern WiFi solutions can help. 

In fact, it’s already here. We know because we’re already implementing it. In the most exciting evolution of the Event WiFi industry, this is the most exciting. We’ve conquered WiFi that doesn’t drop out, we’ve manage to get  hundreds of devices online at the same time without contention. Now, we’re using data to drive event success in the following ways:


Real-Time Event Data Capture

Modern WiFi solutions allow for real-time data collection on an unprecedented scale. Whether it’s at an outdoor festival, a city centre, a conference centre, or an office, WiFi access points can gather data about the number of users, their locations, their devices, and even the websites or apps they access. This real-time data can provide businesses with valuable insights, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and user preferences.

For example, event producers can use WiFi data to optimise their site layouts, offer premium prices on areas with a higher footfall, and personalise marketing strategies. By analysing foot traffic patterns and customer behaviours, businesses can make data-driven decisions to enhance the customer experience and boost sales for their sponsors and traders.


Enhanced User Experiences

WiFi-based data collection also plays a significant role in enhancing user experiences. When users connect to WiFi networks, businesses can provide personalised services and offers, creating a more engaging and tailored experience. For instance, event sponsors can offer guests a free product by visiting their stand, or traders pay to offer a discounted service to guests as they walk past their stand.

Public spaces like museums and amusement parks can use WiFi data to guide visitors with interactive maps and suggest points of interest, making the visitor experience more enjoyable and informative.


Security and Privacy Concerns

While the power of modern data collection over WiFi is undeniable, it comes with important responsibilities. Collecting data over WiFi networks must be done ethically and with respect for user privacy. Striking the right balance between data collection and privacy protection is crucial to maintaining trust and compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

Businesses and event producers must implement robust security measures to safeguard the data they collect over WiFi. Encryption, authentication protocols, and regular security audits are essential to ensure that sensitive user information remains secure.


The Future of WiFi Data Collection

As technology continues to evolve, the potential for WiFi data collection will expand even further. When it comes to events, with more reliable event connectivity, the volume and diversity of data collected over WiFi will continue to grow.

This data can fuel advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, leading to more accurate predictions and personalised experiences.

For example, smart events can use WiFi data to optimise traffic management, reduce energy consumption, and improve public safety. 



Whilst some event producers are still struggling to achieve robust WiFi at larger events, others are learning how to harness its power.

The power of modern data collection over WiFi is undeniable, revolutionising the way events operate and interact with users. The real-time data, enhanced user experiences, and potential for innovation are driving forces behind its continued growth and adoption.

As we harness the potential of WiFi data collection, it is imperative that we do so responsibly and ethically, respecting user privacy and data security. With the right balance, WiFi data collection will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping our connected world, offering endless opportunities for businesses and society as a whole.


Will Skewes is the Founder of Wireless Solutions. With a background in telecommunications, he started his first WiFi business in 2016 before launching Wireless Solutions in 2023, in order to bring more advanced technology to the market.

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