The Impact of Event Videos on Audience Engagement

With their dynamic and captivating nature, event videos have emerged as a powerful tool for educating and engaging attendees. We explore how to use them successfully to improve the success of an event.

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Making an event fun and engaging is undoubtedly challenging for every organiser. But that doesn’t mean impossible. Videos come as an ideal and powerful tool to capture attention and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

With their dynamic and captivating nature, event videos have emerged as a powerful tool for educating and engaging attendees. You can choose among various types, such as explainer videos, testimonials, behind-the-scenes, etc.

Here we explore how videos can help you host a memorable event. Let’s discover the diverse ways video content can enhance the overall experience, making your event enjoyable and truly unforgettable.


Why Event Organizers Should Use Videos

We’ve picked seven reasons why event organisers should use videos. From social media promotion to enhancing audience engagement, videos can help you host a memorable event for attendees:

#1. Social Media Promotion

Unlike text and images, videos remain the most engaging social media content today. So, they can be a powerful tool for promoting your event on online platforms. Not only are they engaging, but you can also reach a broader audience through the virtual world.

Create a compelling story about your event’s theme, atmosphere, and key attractions. Also, use event-specific hashtags to encourage likes, comments, shares, and interactions, which can help increase the visibility of your event and attract more audiences.  

Consider creating short teaser videos and a time countdown to build anticipation for your event. You can announce speakers, performers, or special features leading up to the event date. This content is also effective for enhancing your email marketing.


#2. Document an Event

You can record your event for documentation purposes, including the preparation process, speaker interviews, audience reviews, and the post-event stages. You can capture its essence for future reference, evaluation, and marketing purposes.

You can repurpose these recordings into post-event content, such as highlight reels, session recordings, and other valuable social media content. This content can continue to engage the audience long after the event has ended.

Most importantly, video documentation is helpful for gathering feedback and improvement. Reviewing event videos allows you to assess the event’s success, identify areas for improvement, and gather feedback from attendees. Such information is valuable for planning future events to drive more success.


#3. Enhance Attendees Experience

Videos have a significant role in enhancing attendees’ experience before, during, and after your event. For example, you can create instructional videos or event guides to help attendees prepare for the event or engage them through interactive, clickable videos. 

These videos can explain how to navigate the venue, use event apps, and make the most of their experience. Meanwhile, after the event, you can provide attendees with access to video recordings of sessions or presentations they may have missed. 

This content allows them to catch up on content they find valuable. Moreover, you can use video profiles or introductions of attendees, speakers, and performers to help attendees connect with each other, which can foster networking and collaboration during the event.


#4. Improve Audience Engagement

There are many ways to keep attendees engaged during the event, and videos are a great tool to leverage. You can use interactive videos during sessions or presentations. For example, you can provide polls, quizzes, and live Q&A sessions where attendees can participate actively.

If you want to level up your event, consider incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These technologies create an immersive atmosphere by providing attendees with unique experiences. You can include virtual tours, interactive exhibits, or gamified elements that enhance engagement.

Another way to maintain engagement in your event is by showcasing crowdsourced content. Encourage attendees to contribute their own video content, such as short clips, testimonials, or event highlights, and showcase this content during the event to build a sense of community and participation.


#5. Generate Post-Event Content

After the event, videos can continue providing value by generating post-event content. You can highlight your event’s best moments and key takeaways and use them for social media and website content or internal documentation. 

If you recorded sessions or presentations, these can be repurposed into valuable post-event content. Attendees who missed specific sessions can catch up, and the recordings can be sold or made available as part of a premium package for future events.

You can also generate attendee’ testimonials about their experience at the event. These authentic endorsements can be powerful marketing tools for future events, demonstrating the event’s value. However, for more fun content, you can provide behind-the-scenes and reveal what goes into organising a successful event.


#6. Sponsorship Opportunities

Event videos can also drive sponsorship opportunities. For instance, consider collaborating with event sponsors to create sponsored videos. This could include product showcases, tutorials, or interviews that feature the sponsor’s products or services within the event context.

Or, you can incorporate sponsored video segments within your event, such as sponsored sessions or product demos. These segments can be labelled as sponsored content and offer sponsors a platform to engage directly with attendees.

Meanwhile, in post-event videos, recognize and thank sponsors for their support. Showcase their branding, products, or services to express appreciation and strengthen sponsor relationships for future events. This may drive long-term benefits for your company.


#7. Offer Virtual Attendance

As an event organiser, you can also use video to offer virtual attendance. This approach can be useful to extend the reach of their events and accommodate attendees who are unable or unwilling to attend in person. 

Better still, virtual attendance potentially opens up your event to a global audience. People from different parts of the world can participate without the need for travel. In turn, you can generate additional revenue streams for your event by selling virtual access tickets.

However, there are some considerations for offering virtual attendance. You must understand the technological support, such as event internet, to ensure seamless virtual events. Offering virtual attendance is a flexible and inclusive approach that can enhance the overall success of your event.


Best Video Types to Use

You can use various video types to make your event immersive. However, we picked the best ones below.

Promotional videos:

These videos give an overview of your event or product, highlighting its key features and benefits. They can grab the audience’s attention and encourage them to learn more or take action.

Teaser trailers:

Short and enticing videos released before an event or product launch can build anticipation. They offer glimpses of what’s to come, creating excitement and curiosity among the audience.

Explainer videos:

Animated explainer videos are suitable for clarifying complex concepts and processes in a concise and engaging way. They often use visuals and animations to make information more digestible.

Behind-the-scene videos:

Behind-the-scenes videos help humanise your brand, showcasing the people and processes that make things happen, which can be relatable and engaging.


Live videos broadcast in real-time, often on social media platforms. They allow for immediate audience interaction and engagement, making viewers feel connected and part of the action as it unfolds.

Interactive videos:

Videos with clickable elements, such as links, quizzes, or polls, encourage viewers to engage with the content actively. These videos make the viewing experience more dynamic and participatory.

Testimonials and Reviews:

These videos include customers or clients sharing their positive experiences and feedback about your product or service. They can build trust and credibility by showcasing real-life success stories.



The discussion above is one of the many reasons you should use video content to enhance your content. Ensure you invest in high-quality and well-thought videos to encourage participants to take a role in your event and make it more lively.

With so many video types available, choose one or more suitable for your event. Consider your audiences when creating a video type to optimise its engagement. Also, ensure your video is well-thought and made to ensure its quality and effectiveness.


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