Event Internet – Why it’s critical to your event’s success

We explore why event internet is critical to the success of your event and share the steps you can take to guarantee yours.

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If you specialise in event production, you must have seen a huge change in the landscape over the past 5 years.

Going back a bit, events were about getting a group of people together and showing them a good time.

It was all about the entertainment, right? An awesome band, a bar, a show, some food, and a bunch of friends having fun together. I recall many great events that rocked my world. But not many of them looked like the one in the photo here.

Here we see multiple screens broadcasting different videos on each one, fenced-off areas for crowd control, security guards all around, pyrotechnics and lighting diplays.

What we don’t see here but often experience at today’s events is the wide choice of incredible food vendors from all across the globe, secondary and tertiary stages offering a selection of different entertainment genres, roaming entertainers engaging with guests, technology charging booths, pamper areas….the list goes on.

Can you see where we’re going?


The Digital Age of Events

Today’s events are more connected and data-driven than ever before. Attendees, exhibitors, traders and organisers rely on the internet for a wide range of purposes, including:

Live Streaming:

Think performers, entertainers, presenters, and keynote speakers. They aren’t just presenting content to local attendees, they’re broadcasting across the globe! As events reach wider audiences (some even broadcasting their performance INTO the arena – take Abba Voyage for example) they need better internet to transmit higher volumes of data.

Interactive Engagement:

Business events encourage real-time participation through social media, polls, and Q&A sessions. As we see more online interaction appearing at consumer events this trend is set to increase. Take Wingfest as an example where attendees can vote for their favourite Chicken Wings to win coveted awards.

This requires instant online access to cast a vote once the delicacy has been devoured. Those votes need to be counted real-time to support the process.

Payment Processing:

Handling ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions through online systems. Large events have the potential to generate huge amounts of revenue from online payments made at the event.

And with many events going cashless, the internet simply has to work.

The good news here is that we’re driving a 25% increase in revenue with our event internet solution.

It just proves what the potential is here to grow event revenue.

Read how to combat the challenges of WiFi at larger events.

Data Collection:

For the more savvy event producers, modern WiFi solutions that can gathering data at events offers valuable insights. What do event attendees all want? Connectivity.

By giving your event attendees free connectivity you can get your marketing team to work. 

Whether it’s gathering data, running surveys, promoting offers or driving users to websites, you can create a splash page tailored to driving marketing results and growing brand awareness.

Need a little guidance? Our marketing team has plenty of ideas, it’s what we’re good at – so get in touch.

Vendor and Sponsor Engagement:

Providing exhibitors with digital marketing opportunities and lead generation.

If you’re well-versed at sponsorship packages, you’ll know you need to provide them with loads of brand visibility. Why not even make one of these via your WiFi splashpage? And for video streaming, content promotion, it all requires the internet. After all, who fills in a paper form nowadays?

Event Management:

For our event producers out there, you’re one of the most important reasons to have great internet.

Streamlining operations with event management software and mobile apps is how events are run nowadays. It’s mission critical.

Often we create separate internet access for the production crew, so they’re not sharing it with anyone else. 

With 4G and Saatellite getting more contention every day, it’s important to use an event internet provider who’s on the ball with it.


Key Benefits of Strong Event Internet

Get it right and you’ll reap the rewards of great internet:

Enhanced Attendee Experience:

Attendees expect a seamless and connected experience. With fast internet, they can share their experiences, engage with event content, and stay connected with their networks, enhancing their overall event experience.

And guess what? You get great coverage, more brand awareness and everyone’s happy, right? Let’s not leave ourselves open to bad press here.

Reduced Downtime:

Slow or unreliable internet can lead to downtime, frustrating attendees and exhibitors. A strong internet connection minimizes interruptions, ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

We read plenty of disgruntled social media posts from traders and festival goers. Let’s not let this happen.

Increased Engagement:

Fast internet enables real-time interactions, such as live polls, social media engagement, and virtual networking. These features keep attendees engaged and invested in your event.

Improved Data Collection:

Strong internet facilitates efficient data collection, allowing you to gather valuable insights on attendee behavior, preferences, and demographics. This data can inform future event planning and marketing strategies.

Efficient Operations:

Event organizers rely on the internet for everything from registration and ticketing to communication and logistics. A reliable connection streamlines these processes, making event management more efficient.

Global Reach:

High-speed internet enables you to reach a broader audience through live streaming and virtual components, expanding your event’s reach far beyond its physical location.


How to Get the Best Event Internet

OK so this is where it gets a little tricky. Because in 2023 and 2024 things are changing. We can see it on the horizon, we’re watching it daily and we’re already developing new technology for 2024. 

Because already the current event internet technology isn’t working well enough.

A 4G internet connection with WiFi access points simply won’t cut the mustard. If you’re running a big event, you need to get better technology.

Why? It’s because 4G is getting worse, users are increasing demand and consumers are cottoning on to the lower cost of Starlinks and starting to flood the market there too.

Whichever way you turn, with a low-grade solution you’re going to struggle.

So, if you think it’s going to be easy – you may have to think again.

To reap the benefits of strong event internet, it’s essential to plan and prepare:

Assess Venue Infrastructure:

Before selecting a venue, assess its internet infrastructure. Ensure it can support the expected number of users and the bandwidth requirements of your event. Does it have a fixed line you can utilize? If not a proper internet assessment will be required.

Backup Plans:

Have a backup internet solution in place in case of unexpected outages or issues. Redundancy can save your event from a potential disaster.

Network Segmentation:

Separate your network into segments to prioritise critical event functions, such as production, payments and live streaming over attendee connectivity and other less essential activities. Each network needs a plan of what it will be used for and the areas to cover to ensure the internet connection and WiFi networks will cope.

An enterprise grade solution will be configurable to let individual devices to access specific event systems, optimising your security and networking.

If your event has over 1000 attendees, you should understand the technicalities of how to achieve robust WiFi for large events.


It’s better to over-spec the job than under-spec it. At Wireless Solutions we allow extra. Because in our experience there is always extra demand, never less.

Testing and Monitoring:

Continuously monitor the network’s performance and conduct testing before and during the event to identify and resolve any issues promptly. Don’t let your internet provider turn up the morning of the event and not factor in time to deal with any technical issues.

Security Measures:

Implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and attendees’ privacy.



In conclusion, strong event internet is not merely a convenience; it’s a necessity in today’s digitally connected world.

It accelerates the success of your event by enhancing the attendee experience, reducing downtime, increasing engagement, improving data collection, streamlining operations, and extending your event’s reach.

By prioritising a reliable and high-speed internet connection, you set the stage for an event that leaves a lasting impact and ensures its success for years to come.

Event internet isn’t getting any easier. If anything, it’s getting harder. 

Don’t scrimp here or you run the risk of failure of your event.

Get it right though and you’ll reap the rewards. Want to earn 25% more revenue from your event? Then it’s really within your grasp.

If you’d like to talk, we’re happy to give you some free advice – just contact us.


Will Skewes is the Founder of Wireless Solutions. With a background in telecommunications, he started his first WiFi business in 2016 before launching Wireless Solutions in 2023, in order to bring more advanced technology to the market.

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