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Wingfest WiFi

Wingfest is the king of all chicken wing festivals. The largest of its kind in the world, their flagship London event sells over 20,000 tickets each day.

A WiFi network strong enough to support the production team, huge trader sales, VIPs and journalists is all part of the strategy to help the future growth of the mighty Wingfest.

Henley Regatta WiFi

Working with multiple event production teams to provide connectivity along a 3km stretch of the river Thames called for redesign, resulting in a 25% revenue increase.

Badminton Horse Trials

One of the largest eventing competitions in the calendar, Badminton Horse Trials is known across the world for its high calibre of competitors, venue and event standards. And for 2023 they needed a WiFi solution that was up to the same calibre.

They needed high availability connectivity across four core areas: Production and Media, Scoring, Traders, Live streaming of Badminton TV Live.

The Impact of Event Videos on Audience Engagement

With their dynamic and captivating nature, event videos have emerged as a powerful tool for educating and engaging attendees. We explore how to use them successfully to improve the success of an event.